Decorative Bark

We have planters mix, compost, blended soil, decorative rock, lava rock, round rock, crushed rock, sand, bark, sod, Landscape Fabric, Edging, fountains, water features and much more. Visit the Rock Hound when you're building or updating your landscape, lawn or gardens.

Economy Bark

Cedar mix, light in color.

Small Bark

Small Bark

Medium Bark

1 1/2" - 2" uniform pieces with no fines.

Fine Bark

Nice red color.

Medium Fine Bark

This bark is like a chipped up shredded and is our most popular.

Play Chips

State certified for parks and play areas.

Dark Fine Bark

A very consistant dark, fine bark.

Medium Dark Bark

A very consistant dark, medium sized landscape bark.

Red Mahogany

Nice red color.