Soil & Sod

We have planters mix, compost, Blended Soil, decorative rock, lava rock, round rock, crushed rock, sand, bark, sod Landscape Fabric, Edging and much more.
If you want to beautify your yard or add color and interest to your location, contact Terry at Rockhound Landscape Supply in Post Falls.
We also have many types of colored rock plus fantastic water features and fountains.

Blended Soil

We make this for our hydroseeders, it is 10% sand, 10% compost and 80% fin screened top soil.

Planters Mix

50% soil, 50% organic compost for a great rich mix for all your planting needs.

Coeur d'Alene Compost

100% Organic. Made from sewage treatment sludge and composted down.

Organic Compost

100% Organic. Made from natural yard waste such as leaves and grass clippings. Very dark in color.

Ultra Fine Bark

The Ultra Fine Bark is best used as a soil amendment. Adding this soil prep helps improve your soil to provide a better environment for your plant's roots

Fill Dirt


Blue Grass